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Product Description

HALI GAS FM200 Gas (UL Listed HFC227ea) is non ozone-depleting ideal alternative for Halon 1301, which is a suitable fire extinguishing agent for total flooding, portable, and local application systems.


HALI GAS FM200 Gas, UL HFC227ea is noncorrosive, electrically nonconductive, free of residue, and characterized by low toxicity. It is ideally suited for protection of high-value assets such as those found in computer rooms, data control centers, telecommunication facilities, and museums. The fire extinguishing concentrations of FM-200 allow it to be used as a total flooding agent in normally occupied spaces for the protection of Class A (solid), Class B (liquid and gas), and Class C (electrically energized) hazards.


FM200 Gas, UL HFC227ea is also suitable for use as an inertion agent in explosion suppression applications. In addition, HFC227ea leaves no residue on valuable equipment after discharge. HFC227ea contains no chlorine or bromine atoms, presenting no ozone depletion effect, but its global warming potential is high. Its atmospheric lifetime is approximated between 31 and 42 years.

Physical And Chemical Properties

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